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Management Consulting over the last two decades has dramatically changed.

The days it meant offering professional wisdom and intellectual labor are over. The days when businesses were governed by individuals are over.

Today, Management Consulting has evolved into a partnership in which the consultant proactively stands alongside with the company management. The latter is handled in a collective manner by a group of diversified resources.

As companies have changed, so has Management Consulting: nowadays it must be provided by multidisciplinary teams with Subject Matter Expert. The Subject Matter Expert knows a business area in all its facets and generates even greater value when his experience is combined with that of a management consultant in the field.

The overall aim of Management Consulting is the creation of value for the company which must produce both short term results and sustainable development in the medium term.

The areas where the management consultant’s contribution is the most relevant are: identifying and suggesting sustainable innovation opportunities, supporting the change management processes, identifying operational improvements also by exploiting the innovation in technology, facilitating internal and external growth.

In addition, the implementation of the identified solutions is a key factor for the success of the project. This implies sharing and discussing them with the client and properly prioritizing their implementation.

This is the evolution of Management Consulting.

There are two main consulting models. The first one is organizational: large established societies with over a century of experience and a structured frame (East Coast USA). The second one differs from the first one in the approach to the market: leaner organizations – of small, integrated and experienced teams –combine specific business expertise with industry-compatible methodologies, and they focus on achieving significant results for their clients (West Coast USA, Switzerland and UK). The latter is the TrustPartners model.

TrustPartners was created in 2006 to merge the Anglo-Saxon model with the typically Italian ability to aggregate different skills and disciplines. TrustPartners operates in the life science, consumer goods, energy, mechanics, telecommunications, entertainment, industries regulated by the State Monopolies and Public Administration sectors. It has helped dozens of start-ups and companies throughout their growth and maturity phases. Then, it contributed to the successful turnaround of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The organizational model is based on a core of senior consultants. They have an extensive professional experience with the “Majors” (McKinsey, Bain, Accenture). In addition, professionals who have played important managerial roles in national and international companies.

TrustPartners is also part of international networks where it is involved in the most relevant multinational projects.

Criticizing the company’s management is not a TrustPartners style, since its approach implies exploiting the existing skills/competences and enhance them. Accordingly, it invests a significant time in defining the project with the clients to identify objectives, timeframes and the necessary skills/resources.

Co-opting the right resources is a must to assure the success of the implementation process. This requires sharing all activities and discussing the solutions with those who will be involved in their implementation.

This approach to consulting is the reason why so many customers continue to use TrustPartners’ and trust us.

TrustPartners is always in search of new Challenges, Customers, Talents, Partners, who share the same mindset, and grow, together.

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