Strategy and business planning

  • Evaluation of the purchase of thermal power plants by a primary operator under Facility Management
  • Support in obtaining the necessary authorizations for the realization of the plants
  • Support in the strategic assessment of industrial investments by primary sector operator
  • Analysis of key elements for joint energy acquisition by a group of companies in the financial sector
  • Evaluation of business plans relating to power generation and cogeneration plants from renewable sources
  • Definition of Alliances and Joint Ventures between Industry Operators

Performance Management

  • Definition of operating modalities for the management of information exchange for planning and procurement for a primary sector operator
  • Evaluation of bids for purchasing gas and / or energy for an industrial operator
  • Support in evaluating the best sources of energy supply for a pharmaceutical company. Assessing the ability to buy or produce energy through government-funded power plants
  • Definition of commercial, pre-sales and portfolio deals with relative pricing
  • Definition of commercial and managerial reporting and management control system
  • Definition of the incentive system for the commercial network

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