Scope of the project is to support PharmaCo in the achievement of concept model finalization and activities planning, organization and management to sell and distribute its products abroad. In more details, the project will:

  • Assess the products and the target markets to understand the potential opportunities
  • Finalize the sales and marketing strategy and the operational model
  • Realize the Master Plan, with all the initiatives to be implemented within six months, and identify the operative staff composed by the resources involved, roles, responsibilities and workloads

At the end of this project PharmaCo will expect to have:

  • A finalized concept model with:
    • sales and marketing strategy to launch the products abroad
    • operational concept model to run the business
  • A high level prioritization market countries vs products
  • An implementation road map and plan for new games/services

Proposed operative approach

Considering the goals indentified and explained above, TrustPartners suppose the activities will be structured in three main areas:

–       Concept Model Finalization

–       Country Intervention Pack definition (TrustPartners’s Support to be defined at the end of first phase)

–       Internazionalitazion Execution (TrustPartners’s Support to be defined at the end of first phase)

Concept Model Finalization

Aim of this phase is to support PharmaCo to settle all the activities to conceptualize the registration, marketing, commercial, distribution and operational activities for several conutries, performing, if needed, in deep some of the following activities:

  • Product Data Analysis: data analysis regarding PharmaCo’s products with specific focus on characteristics, niche, registration procedures, pricing models, market access, device, commercial activities and targets, manufacturing constraints, 
  • Target Market Assessment: Identification at high level, for each country of interest, of sales and forecast figures, registration procedures, competition level, competitor, pricing, commercial and distribution model adopted,. We will do this activities only for a set of Countries
  • Commercial and Distribution Model Review: Identification of the main Commercial and Distribution Channels by Product / Target and by Country the possible partnership models for distribution channels and type of commercial offer. 
  • Finalization of a possible Road Map: Definition of a potential road map to identify a possible path for the internationalization of the PharmaCo’s products with the following details
  • Potential market value by product and countries
  • Overall complexity index to enter in a new country taking in account, investments, registration procedures, competitors, pricing
  • High level intervention Plan for each country

 Results of this first stage could be:

  • Prioritization countries list based on market potential
  • High Level Intervention Plan to enter in the countries

Country Intervention Pack definition

Aim of this phase is to prepare an Intervention Package to enter in a new country. It culd be prepared only for a single country or to all of them. The price of our support will be referred for a single country and  PharmaCo can select how many intervention package to adopt. The main phases in this stage are

  • Deep market assessment:  to understand in detail all the key elements at niche level
  • Country marketing plan : definition in detail of the marketing activities, pricing, operational model, targets, partners typology, governance model,..  
  • Partners scouting and selection : selection and identification of the key partners for the registration, distribution and comemrcialization of products
  • Negotiation support

Results of this stage will be:

  • Master Plan to enter in the selected country
  • Partners list

Internazionalization Execution

Aim of this phase is to support PharmaCo in the management of the implementation activities to achieve the shared targets. TrustPartners activities, at this stage will be:

  • Monitoring and coordination: Monitoring the working progress status, in respect of the Master Plan scheduling activities, and coordinate the involved resources in the project
  • Supporting: support the internal structure of PharmaCo during the launch phase of each product
  • Manage any eventual critical situation: identification / analysis of the criticisms and settlement a contingency plan
  • Reporting and Communication with Top Management: get the periodical reports (focused on the project working progress) ready, results presentation, follow up of the meetings and manage the communication with the Top Management

Results of this phase will be:

  • Project Management on the day by day activities
  • Organization of the working progress meetings

Project organization

In respect to the approach explained above, TrustPartners counts on deliver the activities of Concept Model Finalization within 6 weeks from the project start.

TrustPartners team will be composed by a Partner and 2 Senior Consultants,  all of them part-time, for an initial time frame of six weeks. We suggest that some of PharmaCo people will have the possibility to stay in Rome at least for a week of there is the possibility to have a continuous conference call room for a week.

To clarify, during the Project Management activities, TrustPartners will coordinate the resources involved in the project, monitor the working progress status and report to the Management. TrustPartners won’t have any direct responsibility  in case of delays or no-respect of the initiatives scheduled inside the Master Plan, unless for the execution activities assigned to TrustPartners.


TrustPartners ( is a Management Consulting company which has developed a strong know-how and experience in several regulated industries – such as Pharmaceutical, Gaming & Gambling and Tobacco – as well as Energy and Public Administration industries.

TrustPartners mission is to support top management in all strategic and operative decision aimed at Company growth, with a specific focus on 3 areas

–          Strategy and Business planning

–          Performance management

–          Organization

TrustPartners is based in Rome and Milan, and is composed by a network of senior consultants with a background in major national and international consulting firms.

In the last years, TrustPartners supported leading Pharmaceutical Operators to set up and achieve their business strategies, supporting them in:

  • New business areas start up and/or consolidation of existing business
  • Start up of Contract Sales Organization activities for medical-scientific information

Fund raising activity on Heath Care sector on Private Equity funds

  • Definition and implementation of commercial strategy, organization, sales activities and key business processes.
  • Strategy development for entering new business areas and strengthening of the pre-existing business for several multinational companies
  • Distribution and commercialization strategies for several companies in order to protect product values after the ending of the patent period
  • E-Detailing Projects for a Multinational Company to enter new remote tools to interact with physicians, pharmacists, wholesalers and final patients
  • Support for a global service offering development, oriented to the pharmaceutical market, for one of the leading international players of the pharmaceutical distribution market
  • Scouting for target companies to be acquired in the Health Care sector, for several Private Equity funds
  • Start-up support, focalized on Contract Sales Organization activities
  • Integrated business venture definition, between public and private companies, for some innovative sectors (such as Home Care, Residential Nursing Home, Tele-assistance…)
  • Promotional and marketing strategy development, CRM strategy screening
  • Optimization of the Quality analytical processes management model for a leading multinational plant located in Italy
  • International Shared Service Center definition, planning and implementation for a leading multinational plant located in Italy
  • Intra-company planning and Supply Chain process review for a leading company in the Italian Pharmaceutical market
  • Supply Chain optimization project to reduce the Work In Progress and Finish Good inventory levels
  • Development of several operative marketing plans, promotional and CRM strategies for leading Italian Player
  • Business line handover analysis and evaluation, for several plants of many leading companies operating in the Pharma market
  • Suppliers evaluation, selection and transition management plan
  • Design of a communication system  among operators (Pharma companies, distributors) and institutional data banks (es: Pharma traceability….)
  • Organizational structure  and process optimization for several international Pharma Business Units
  • Redesign of the field force organization and development of the targeting process and coverage strategies
  • Structural organization and internal process review, based on a “lean organization” approach, for several Pharma plant located in Italy
  • Change Management implementation projects to implement all organizational, implementation actions

Today TrustPartners can be considered a relevant Italian management consulting firm operating in Pharmaceutical sector. Due to its consolidate expertise TrustPartners can support Italian and International Clients that want to enter in Europen Pharmaceutical market, in the following areas:

–       market assessment (legal framework, competitors, products, market trends, social and business environment), aimed at the definition of market potential

–       define positioning (product portfolio, pricing) and identify the most effective strategy to enter in the market

–       identification of key local partners

–       business model definition and implementation (organization, sales & marketing activities)

–       support the project management activities during the start-up/roll out phase

–        manage some operational activities in their behalf